• The Run-Down:

    PATTERN (n) = a repeated decorative design; a discernable and regular form or sequence identifiable in the way in which something happens or is done.

    BREAD & BUTTER (colloquial phrase) = may seem like small fry but secretly, they could easily be the closet staff of life...

    ...and if life didn't = such an interesting array of pattern (in every sense of the word), then it wouldn't be such a rich degustation of ideas...

    Welcome to A Pattern-full Life, where the curiosities, perplexities and beauties of the world will be brought under the creative microscope.

  • Different Views through the Window


1 + 1 = 3

People tell you about it. You nod and agree you have no idea. You read about it, too. Occasionally you have flashes of vague concern but you’re amazed (and quietly impressed) at the equanimity which seems to pervade your perception of the imminent event. Everyone says things change and you acquiesce again: sure, life will … Continue reading


Small Pictures, Big Dreams

I’m a weaver by trade. Old-fashioned, tick. Cumbersome, tick. Addictive, tick, again. Whilst my loom is languishing in the garage, dismantled amid cobwebs and waiting for a space that isn’t restricted to a shoe-box, I’ve taken to a more spatially-convenient option. Woven collages. Small and increasingly petite, these pretty slithers of paper have been consuming … Continue reading


A Long Summer

Hello. I’m back. It’s been a long time. A whole summer, in fact. Small life-times have ensued. Tropical fruit has been devoured, decisions faced and braced, long swims satisfied, books read at leisure, markets trawled, arguments fought, sadnesses acknowledged, clothes thrown out, nasturtiums planted, tomatoes gone to seed, children looked after and given back, late … Continue reading


Going, Going, Gone (for now)

When I first started this blog nearly a year ago, there was an element of survival in it. I’d just moved to a new place and the challenge of re-establishing some kind of creative practice (after the respite of a post-uni holiday) was pressing. I recognized its urgency as a means to identify where I … Continue reading

Dreaming of greens

Celebrating Winter Greens

Winter means… Cold snappy mornings, where smokey breath-rings are entirely possible, even when you’re in bed; Light so subtle and earthy that landscapes become watercolour images where crisp detail is conversely gentle; Discovering all the holes in your woolly socks…how DID they get put away last year?! Crumbles, of every description – fejoa, pear, rhubarb, … Continue reading

Recalcitrant friendships


Excuse me. Are you okay? Ugh, sorry, you’re blushing… Well. This IS embarrassing. Hiding behind my glasses, they’re a beautiful thing…collage, texta, ink You know those friendships which are perpetually clasped in a cycle of guilt, expectation and remorse?  I hate to say it, but this little blog has begun to swim uncomfortably close to … Continue reading

passion pop

Discovering Little Miss Sunshine

Brisbane is one of those places. It has a reputation, but it’s never very clear cut. Depending on who you’re talking to, the verdict could swing from mildly celebratory to a response that is furiously vindictive.  There’s not the sense of unanimous glorification that Melbourne attracts where inhabitants and visitors alike agree it’s utterly fabulous. … Continue reading

my heart desires

Under the influence (of Brisbane)

…saw fantastic matisse exhibition,  goma exuding the suave mellowness of middle age, ate sandwiches on the terrace,  kids buzzing around, red-lipsticked old ladies confidentially gossiping, skinny jeaned kids on laptops, bohemian hairband types, couples with prams, girls out to lunch, interesting older guys with long pony tails looking intellectual, fat women who looked like they … Continue reading

decorative devices

Take a bit of better butter…

This is not a food blog. Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE food blogs. (Take Whole Larder Love, The Patterned Plate, and  Oliver and Abraham’s for starters.) It’s just that when it comes to inspiration and success of the most exquisitely aesthetic kind, my kitchen endeavours fall slightly short of the mark. Yes, I love … Continue reading

seductive summer (collage 1)

Colour stories: collage

I’ve been working, slowly, on a collection of fabrics (see the blurb here). Celebrating the hand as an intuitive, unique and fundamental tool (to paint, tear paper, to draw, scribble, delineate, erase, brush over, rub into…) the project analyses how messy-making can become the foundations for exuberant, innovative woven and digital outcomes. By utilising table … Continue reading

main design

Print to post

Print to post is another way of saying, beautifythe streets with banners! Screen printed ones, to be precise. The brainchild of Napier Inner City Marketing and Nic Scotland at the Ahuriri Art School, the project is well and truly underway. Guided by the expertise of Rakai Karaitiana (of House of Aroha), the weekend disappeared in … Continue reading

tapa cloth

This is the house that Dave built

I have a habit of overindulgence when it comes to words. In this particular case, I’m going to keep my mouth shut, and delegate the talking to imagery instead… Some inspiring details…how could you not fall for that dancing china man with his puku (belly) so proudly displayed?? Patterns – in gran’s carved box, the … Continue reading

sunshine day patterns

Drumming up and out in Dunedin

There’s something to be said for the relationship between shit weather and the preservation of a city’s in-house attractions. If Dunedin was a regular in the hot and sunny stakes, it’s intimate, eccentric and off-beat bohemianism probably wouldn’t have a hope against the encroachment of big bucks and salubrious development. With perennial gloom pinned on … Continue reading

building birds+boxes

Take workshop, add small folk, have messy fun

The title pretty much says it all. Over the past few weeks there’s been lots of acion  in the art activity department, with quite a few lessons learnt along the way (such as no paint shirt, no paint – graffiti pants aren’t a popular method towards gaining parental approval). It’s been a short, intense term, … Continue reading

indigenous borders

Printmaking in Ahuriri

Self-investment has all sorts of incarnations. My partner, for instance, buys top notch tools, an investment in use and longevity; a girlfriend will ensure her makeup cupboard is stashed with only the very best product, dictated  – rightly or wrongly –  by the presence of luxurious packaging. Me, I’m a sucker for a long list … Continue reading

croquis 2

The new brief

Powerful words, it’s fair to say: words for a new chapter – Colourstory: Chapter 1. There’s nothing like a deadline to kick you into action. That’s what I’ve decided, anyway, finally propelled after a delicious – and luxurious – period of slow creative fermentation. So, without further ado, there’s a new brief in the hood … Continue reading

colour collecting - palette

Colour collecting

If colour is the source of life, then I wouldn’t usually leap at the opportunity to get stuck into pastels. Baby blue, pimpled primrose , menopausal mauve, beige boredom – not to mention pretty pink, which I think I’ve avoided since I was a toddler, suffocating from a self-inflicted overdose of rosy hues. It’s not … Continue reading

inspired living

High in the hills

It’s not everyday that you get to visit a sanctuary of design, good taste and refined, beautiful detailing. Add a surrounding landscape that’s nothing short of spectacular (oh yes, insert all the cliches here of ocean views, privacy, native bush and wild English garden) and you begin to get the picture: a pretty lovely nook … Continue reading

essential ingredients

a box well travelled

  They say it takes two to tango, but add a new project in the middle and suddenly, you have three. Welcome to a box well travelled, the new bubba on the block who’s got the legs to live inside the square. In short: we’re building a house. It’s no ordinary house though, with a … Continue reading

trio stained glass windows

It’s a patterning place

Yay for simplicity! A Recipe for a Happy Afternoon of Contented Folk, Small & Large: Messy glue (the flour and water kind works really well, especially if it’s sloppy) Tissue paper in as many colours as you can gather, scrounge, purloin, or beg Baking parchment Scissors, or just happy ripping Newspaper, or something to cover … Continue reading

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    All imagery and text copyright Willow Sharp 2013. Please contact me if you'd like to use any of the images or text found within these pages...Thanks! x

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